Pumpkin Patch Field Trip 2015



SAVE THE DATE: We have the opportunity to have a group family outing. It will be on the 24th at 10 am, at Willy Tee’s Pumpkin Patch. Located at 3415 Jackson Hwy. There are lots of pumpkins and fall decor, as well as plenty of photo opportunities for moms and dads. Also, the coolest carictures of the kiddos are made too. Bring your pumpkin the next day to church, to be able to carve it out and learn a neat little lesson how pumpkins are just like you and me!

If you can’t make it to the pumpkin patch field trip, but are coming to service the next day. Please bring a pumpkin, so your kiddos can still carve a pumpkin. If you are unable to, please let me know!

Volunteers Needed: We will need some volunteers for the following Sunday Service to help the kiddos with the pumpkins.