Baptism Renewal Service

Installation of Elders & Deacons

Bryan Veach resigns as Modern Worship Director

Justin McGregory hired as Modern Worship Director

“Ready to Roll” gathering

Annual meeting, 49 people attended

Potluck following 2nd service, hosted by the PW & Westerian Circle-38 people attended



Blanket Sunday $831.00 collected

All Church Talent Show, 40 people attended

Family Movie Night, 10 people attended

Holy Land Trip (February 28-March 11)



Ash Wednesday Service, 20 people attended

Wednesday, Lenten Reflection Service, 6 people attended

Wednesday, Lenten Reflection Service, 23 people attended

Wednesday, Lenten Reflection Service, 15 people attended

Wednesday, Lenten Reflection Service, 28 people attended

Youth Breakfast Fundraiser, 13 people attended

Garden Party/Free For All, 40 people attended



Wednesday, Lenten Reflection Service, 14 people attended

Wednesday, Lenten Reflection Service, 12 people attended

Palm Sunday Service, 122 people attended

One Great Hour of Sharing $1,197.87 collected

Maundy Thursday/Seder, 41 people attended

Good Friday (HSPC), 57 people attended

Taste of Holy Land, 50 people attended

Resurrection Sunday/Easter, 203

JC Tibbits, custodian resigns



Bellevue Christian School overnighter at WPC—10 people attended

Preschool Mother’s Tea, 45 people attended

Picture Perfect Sunday—Stan Giske took photos for pictorial directory

Presbytery Meeting at HSPC

Session Received New Members



Red Cross Blood Drive

Volunteer Appreciation Sunday, 93 people attended

Pentecost offering $1,197.87 collected

Graduation Sunday, 106 people attended (Lindsey Giffey & Casie Smathers)

Baby Bottle Boomerang, $178.90 collected

Preschool Graduation-20 graduates 100 guests

Vacation Bible School, Monday 47children attended

Vacation Bible School, Tuesday 56 children attended

Vacation Bible School, Wednesday 55 children attended

Vacation Bible School, Thursday 50 children attended

VBS daily average, 52 children

VBS Celebration Sunday, 142 people attended

Hired Summer Intern, David Finch



Youth Mission Trip-Spokane, 5 people attended

“Meet & Greet” with Pastor Ed, 50 people attended

Congregational meeting, 70 people attended

Sunday Night Worship Service, July 6-22 people attended

Sunday Night Worship Service, July 13-15 people attended

Sunday Night Worship Service, July 20-15people attended

Sunday Night Worship Service, July 27-17people attended

Soundview Family Camp $375 donated by WPC



Temporary Pastor, Rev. Shari Jackson-Monson, contract ends

Presbyterian Women DeGoede’s Road Trip, 7 people attended

Men’s Bible Study at Hood Canal, hosted by Gaylord Jones Malawi guests: Gomezgeka “Gome” Mkandawire and Andrew Nkhoma

Presbyterian Women Retreat at Hood’s Canal, hosted by the Kirk’s, 18 people attended

Alexander/Lintott Worship in the Park & Potluck, 93 people attended

Sarah Knecht & Kenny Riveness wedding, Pastor Brian North officiating

Youth Camp-Out, 9 people attended

Rev. Keith Tanis, Guest speaker

Preschool Orientation



Rev. Ed Wegele hired as WPC’s new called pastor

Introduction of Rev. Ed Wegele to Olympia Presbytery

American Red Cross Blood Drive

Men’s Bible Study and Breakfast at SAFE Family Ministries

Preschool Field Trip—Chehalis Fire Station



Peacemaking Offering $905.00

Membership Sunday, Hymnal Dedication “In Memory of Jim Vander Stoep”

Installation Service, Pastor Ed Wegele, 90 people attended

Potluck, 80 people attended

Youth Lock-in (HSPC & WPC) 15 youth attended

Preschool Field Trip-Pumpkin Patch

PW Bazaar—Friday & Saturday

Youth Pumpkin Carving-14 youth attended

Harvest Party-60 people attended (not including volunteers)

Justin McGregory resigns at Children, Youth and Family Director and Modern Worship Director



“Investing Here” Stewardship Campaign

Stewardship Celebration Campaign

New Members Class-7 people participating

Hanging of the Greens service, first Sunday in Advent

Family Advent Wreath Making Craft following the worship service



Santa Parade, 54 people attended

Hot Chocolate Ministry, 6 people attended

27th Annual Bell Concert-Saturday, December 6 at 7 p.m. 140 people attended

27th Annual Bell Concert-Sunday, December 7 at 3 p.m. 80 people attended $250 each for Harrison Square and Westminster Presbyterian Youth groups

Session Received New Members, December 14

Preschool Christmas Pageant, December 18-99 people attended

Fundraiser Preschool Raffle $800 3 prizes awarded

Christmas Joy Offering, $310

Children’s Christmas Pageant, December 21-154 people attended

Candlelight Christmas Eve Service 4:30 PM, 51 people attended

Candlelight Christmas Eve Service4 7:30 PM, 147 people attended

Christmas Eve Prayer Vigil 11:00 PM, 5 people attended

American Red Cross Blood Drive





First and foremost, hello! As I write my first of what I hope will be many annual reports. As the pastor, the journey with my wife and two dogs has been a long one, from West Texas to our new home here in Chehalis. We are still in the midst of transition and learning all of the customs, traditions, and expectations of the community and church family. We are well on our way to know names and faces of the many new friends we are growing to know and the many places where our new friends like to eat or meet and also where some live. We are in a time of new. Everything is new to us: our home, our church, our community, our presbytery, our friends, our expectations, our climate, our lives are all new to us as we begin to place roots here. To say that it is happy and challenging; exciting and scary; refreshing and frustrating; exhilarating and confusing; and confident and overwhelming are all emotions along with many others that we as a family have experienced in the past year. I say all of this to say that we are happy to be here and that it has been an emotional roller coaster for us as we have made the transition to answer the call that God placed in our hearts to come and serve.


As a congregation, we have experienced our own transition. With turnover of staff and leadership, with building renovations, with the loss of members to death and change, with struggles of communication, with changes in worship styles and times, with different ideas about how we do things, and a host of other events this year has also been a year of new. The thing that remains constant is that change happens and continues to happen. We will have adversity, challenges, opportunities, discussions, and discernment. The PNC with their commitment and energy and imagination extended a call to me. Our church community has had to come together to do amazing things. Dare I say that we came together to have amazing mission trips for adults and youth, a successful VBS, a great harvest festival, a memorable installation service, an insightful yearlong celebration of 160 years of life, a full season of celebrating during Advent, and a successful stewardship campaign are just the examples that I have read or experienced in my short time here serving as your pastor. I will also mention the annex project, the sanitizer, and the electrical repairs as a glimpse of a few projects that have had controversy and yet, we were able to complete these needed tasks, all the while teaching us on how we can better work moving into 2015. I say this to say that not everything will go perfectly and mistakes will happen, and we have been able to stay together.


Which leads me to 2015. My friends, we are in a new season. It will take all of us to serve and love each other as we serve our Lord in 2015. We are currently in the process of discerning the direction of serving our children, youth and families. Our worship commission will be discerning worship and reaching the many needs of our families. We have active members reimagining the worship space in regards to the carpet and pew cushions. Our Building and Grounds Commission is working hard to meet the demands of maintaining and improving our facilities. Our MOCC is hard at work reaching out into our community and our world to bring hope and help too many. We will need members to come forward to help us as we reach out our neighbors and be welcoming to our many visitors. Our PW is in discernment of how to best reach out and serve our church community while reimagining ways to help grow as a group. The Finance and Memorial Commissions are hard at work to make sure we are being faithful and good stewards of the monetary gifts that are given through the commitment of our members and others who give to us throughout the year. Personnel will be reviewing job descriptions and making sure our staff serves our community in the best ways possible. Our Deacons continue their ministry of care and concern to our families. Our Session will continue to lead as God leads us to make decisions that strengthen our church membership and how we serve together. Adult Ministries will continue discussions and gathering ideas to help our adults to grow in wisdom as we seek the truth God gives to us in his Word. The formation of the Preschool Board will help make decisions and maintain the integrity and commitment that we have to providing preschool services to Chehalis since we started this ministry in 1966.


We will continue our celebration of 160 years of serving God as we remember all that we have done, all that we are doing, with the hope of what we will do to respond to God’s movement in Chehalis. WE have a lot to be grateful for as a church family. Christ is our example, so we must use our imagination, intelligence, energy, compassion, determination to be the body of Christ in our community, our county, our presbytery, our country, our denomination, and our world. Let us respond to God’s call to stand up and say’ “Here we are!” as God asks us “Whom shall I send?” My friends, there are countless opportunities to live out our faith and to bring Good News to all, so may we do so with confidence in the One who lights the path of life in front of us, by nurtured by the One who walks the pathway of life with us, and be filled with so much grace that we can do nothing but give it away to all that we meet as we live each day to the fullest.


Grace and Peace be with us all,

Pastor Ed Wegele





Class of 2015 Class of 2016 Class of 2017
Heather Carlson Mark Giffey Chuck Emerick
Linda Prosser Hank Kirk
Darrell Palmateer Guy Warren Don Wilson
Gordon Shewfelt Merrilee Kenyon J Vander Stoep

Moderator: Pastor Ed Wegele; Clerk: Judy Wilson; Business Meeting Coordinator: Hank Kirk


Session met through the entire year, 2014, but there was a lot of change during this one year:

  • An interim pastor, Shari Monson to a called pastor Ed Wegele
  • Three clerks, Marcia Greenfield, Joyce Carr, pro-tem and Judy Wilson
  • Resignations from session: Stan Bowman, Marcia Greenfield, Jennifer Woodford, David Carr and Lee Giske
  • Retirement of Church Administrator Robin Hall
  • Resignation of our Treasurer, Merrilee Kenyon, by December 2014.
  • Resignation of Modern Worship Director, Bryan Veach.
  • Resignation of Custodian, JC Tibbits
  • Justin McGregory hired as Children Youth and Family Director November 13, 2013 and Modern Worship Director January 15, 2014, resigned from both positions October 3, 2014.

We thank everyone for their service and their commitment to WPC.


Six people were received as new members in 2014: Melyssa Carter, Rose Erickson, Randy Howlett, Allyn and Andrea Roe, Nicole Wegele.


People reinstated into membership: Lacey Burchett, J C and Laura Hewett, Robert and Jean Wheeler, Michael Schieffer, Amy Howlett (Schieffer).


Membership at the end of 2014 was 163.

Attendance in worship has been growing toward the end of the year.


Session developed a Streamliners Committee to set the docket for the monthly meeting being sure the commissions projects are vote ready when they reach Session. This procedure has shortened the Session meetings. Session worked with the commissions on: the beam project, updating the annex office and multipurpose room, improving the digital equipment in the sanctuary, replacing the dish sanitizer and updating the electrical panels to name just a few.


Elected corporate officers for 2014 are:

President         Hank Kirk                                 Vice-president             Guy Warren

Treasurer        Merrilee Kenyon                     Secretary                     Judy Wilson


IN MEMORIAM                                   * denotes member

*Myrtice Dills             2/24/14

*Marge Watilo           3/8/14

*Jim Vander Stoep      3/8/14

Margaret Snider        3/24/14

*Jan Duncan                5/26/14

*James Ptolemy          8/4/14

*Sandi Aggers             8/22/14

Doug Crawford          9/20/14

*Edward Minnick        10/21/14


Judy Wilson, Clerk of Session




Adult Ministries is an umbrella commission that covers all adult activities except PW (Presbyterian Women), music and worship. These activities are loosely divided into four sections:


Education                                            Other Groups

Fellowship Groups                               Small Groups


The commission discontinued regulars meeting in 2014 since the only active people besides the Session liaison members were the Wilsons. A goal of this group is to try to involve more people. Any interested person can attend or give input. Pastor Ed Wegele asked that this commission be reinvigorated when he came in the fall of 2014. Here is a partial report.



Adult Sunday School meets throughout the year for an hour each Sunday morning. When there is one service, it is scheduled an hour before the service. This past year we have held one class at a time. Classes were discontinued during the summer.

Attendance averages about 12 to 15 a week, which has remained consistent throughout the year.

This year we used several books from the Being Reformed, Faith Seeking Understanding series:

  • Theology for Presbyterians
  • Into All the World, Participating in God’s Mission
  • Illuminating Lent
  • Illuminating Advent
  • Faith Seeking Understanding
  • Reading the Bible for Understanding

We also used Christmas Gifts that Won’t Break by James W Moore

We are currently using the study The Present Word. This series is published quarterly by the Presbyterian Church (USA).

We most recently purchased a new book by Philip Yancey, Vanishing Grace, What Ever Happened to the God News for use later in 2015.



Two Membership Classes were offered in 2014; one by Pastor Shari Monson during her interim pastorate and the second one in November led by Pastor Ed Wegele. People from that class were introduced as members on December 14, 2014.

PW Horizons Bible Study meets weekly beginning in September and runs through May in the Giffey Room. The 2014-2015 study is titled Reconciling Paul, A contemporary Study of 2 Corinthians by Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty. The leadership of the lessons is shared among volunteering members. A DVD will be used in this study.

The Prayer Team meets Wednesdays. This group organized prayer vigils and a holiday service entitled, Hope for the New Year, held as a special service in the evening in January. They pray regularly for WPC and its members and friends. All are welcome to join.

Men’s Salt Group meets weekly year round currently at Sunbirds Restaurant at 7:30 AM on Wednesday’s.   It is open to all men and is lay lead.



Half-Day Retreats meet the first Saturday year round at Marsha Haglund’s home. It is lay lead and open to all adults, but women mainly attend it.

Christmas Shoe Box Ministry was a church wide project again in 2014. It began in October and ended in mid-November. This year WPC collected 100 boxes.



There are two Dine Out Clubs. They both meet monthly and their main function is fellowship.   They go to restaurants in the local area.

Three Church “Pot-Luck” dinners were held in 2014: The first was in January for the Congregational Meeting. Worship on Whitworth Way in September, followed by the third at the Installation of Pastor Ed Wegele as our called pastor in September.


All of these groups operate independently of one another and do not meet as a commission. The commission’s main responsibility is adult education.


Judy Wilson



Current members of B and G are: Virgil Bluhm, Buck Hubbert, Gaylord Jones, Jack Nehring, Linda Prosser, Session Rep., Judy Wilson, Pastor Ed Wegele.


Building and Ground (B and G) has been in transition this entire year beginning with the resignation of J C Tibbits, our long time chairman and custodian in March.   We are very grateful to J C for the many many hours he put into maintaining the facilities here at WPC. These were big shoes to fill.


In April we began to reorganize under the direction of our interim, Pastor Shari Monson. We also found a part time maintenance man, Bill Fender. Tammy Tibbits assumed custodian responsibilities for both the church and annex buildings. The committee organized trying to cover all areas of the church as follows:

  • Agendas Judy Wilson
  • Running meetings Gaylord Jones
  • Maintenance (Outside)         Gaylord Jones
  • Maintenance (inside) Bill Fender
  • Obtaining Bids Mike Dwyer
  • Kone Elevator Company Bill Fender
  • Who will purchase supplies Bill/Tammy/Office
  • Report maintenance problems to the office box outside the Giffey Room

As you can see it took a lot of people to cover the many areas J C served.


B and G Commission is responsible for maintaining WPCs facilities, and the Commission gets bids from certified businesses for capital projects. The year began with the “Beam Repair” project in the sanctuary. It was a huge project that the congregation watched progress week by week.   It was completed by Easter Sunday!


Another big project was to update the annex and put a welcoming face on the building as many enter the office first. The office was renovated and the gym was transformed into a multipurpose room with updated electronics and technology.   Many thanks to Shari Monson, Justin McGregory and Bill Fender for all the work they put into bringing the annex into the 21st century.


The electricity into the church building was installed when the building was new. It had been up-dated along the way, but B and G found, thanks to Mike Dwyer, that some of the upgrades were not safe. Bids were gathered and contracts signed to bring the breaker boxes up to code. There is still more up-grading needed, but now everything is safe!


Before that project could be completed, the dishwasher in the fellowship hall kitchen refused to quit leaking and was later found to have 50 year old parts rusted beyond repair. B and G got estimates and a new sanitizer/dishwasher will be installed before the end of 2014.


Gaylord Jones has taken responsibility for the outside maintenance, mowing weeding, trimming etc. As the job covers the entire campus, an outdoor maintenance signup sheet was developed, and people stepped right up to help keep both buildings looking well maintained.


Many, many more large and small projects were accomplished by the small crew of B and G to help maintain the buildings and provide a safe environment for WPC ministries and events.


Judy Wilson




The Children, Youth and Family Ministry offered various programs and ministries throughout the year. Programs in 2014 included Children’s Church, VBS, Easter egg hunt, movie nights, Harvest Party, Chehalis Santa Parade, advent crafts and Christmas Program. Despite the resignation of the CYF director in October, CYF continues to offer families opportunities to grow in faith. We look forward to enriching this program throughout 2015.


Shelley Meller




The 2014 Deacons included Peg Warren – Moderator, Pat Patrick – Secretary, Janet Bluhm – Treasurer, Leira Mann, Carol Braun, Mike Dwyer, Harriet Dwyer, Judy Wilson, Norma Nelson, Joanne Aller, Sally Nehring, Sandi Aggers, Myrtice Dills, Meri Bretthauer.  Don Wilson is our Session Liaison.


The office of Deacon as set forth in scripture is one of sympathy, witness, and service after the example of Jesus Christ.  Persons of spiritual character, honest report, exemplary lives, brother and sisterly love, warm sympathies and sound judgment are chosen for this office.  Deacons minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress both within and beyond the community of faith.  They lead the people in worship, read the scriptures, and assist with the Lord’s Supper.  Deacons prepare and clean up after communion on the first Sunday of the month.  Deacons also assist with memorial services as needed.


At WPC, each Deacon is given a personal list of family names, and these people are the focus of that Deacon.  They establish a relationship with the people via phone calls, cards, visits, and personal conversations.  Deacons also provide meals, transportation, money, etc., if needed.  They provide “Stephen Ministries Grief Booklets” as they walk with the person during the first year of a loss.  The Deacons provide snack packs to people seeking assistance at the church office.  Deacons also help with visitation both to homes, care centers, and hospitals.  Deacons also accompany the pastor to provide in-home communion.  They work together on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas projects that reach people both within the church and beyond. This year the Easter Project served nine families, and the Thanksgiving and Christmas projects served four church families and three Love INC families.


Each Deacon is encouraged to attend meetings once a month, support one another, communicate needs to others and financial needs to the treasurer, and fulfill publicity needs for projects.  In addition, they participate in continual growth and outreach, contact people on their lists, coordinate receptions after a memorial service and act as a liaison between the family and the circle.  Deacons sponsored a “Meet Your Deacon” Sunday on July 13th.  Deacons are also responsible for recording the “Prayers of the People” from the church service and forwarding that information to the office.


Peg Warren, Moderator

Pat Patrick, Secretary




The Hospitality and Outreach Commission (formerly, the Outreach and Evangelism Commission) has for many years been a commission that worked closely with the pastor. Recent years have been a time of transition between called pastors, punctuated by transitional and interim pastors. 2014 was not exempt from change. The work of the Outreach Commission was set back with the illness and death of one of its most active members, Sandi Aggers. Sandi’s energy and love for the church and the community was at the center of this commission. Her passing is a great loss for the Outreach Commission and WPC.


The two most memorable projects undertaken by the Hospitality and Outreach Commission in 2014 were the gift bags for visitors and the Ready 2 Roll campaign.


Small gift bags bearing the dove silhouette logo implemented in 2011 by the Outreach team are currently available in the Market Blvd. entryway to the sanctuary and in the fellowship hall. These bags contain key chains with the dove logo and an updated directory of the programs and groups at WPC. Our goal is to help inform visitors and encourage their participation in the life of the church.


The Ready 2 Roll campaign began as a way to equip congregants for those times when we are asked for money or assistance by people in the community. As a congregation we rolled pairs of socks and stuffed them with granola bars, gift cards for meals at local restaurants and/or small monetary gifts. Each bundle also included an updated list of organizations in Chehalis and Centralia that provide clothing, food and shelter for people in need. The cold weather shelter in Centralia run by the Destiny Church and the Youth mission trip to Spokane also benefitted from the supplies gathered for this project.


As 2015 begins there is hope and a new energy in the air at WPC. Pastor Wegele is settling into his position and our church can once more turn its attention to look outside of its walls with renewed confidence. It is time to ask ourselves how we want the community to see WPC. If you would like to be a part of this search for our place in the community, our path to take Christian deeds and words out to the people in Lewis County and help to create a welcoming atmosphere for all who enter our doors please consider joining the Outreach team in 2015.


Heather M. Carlson, Member




Members of the Memorial Commission are: Wilma Brown, Jenny Kirk (Chair), Millie Lofberg, Kristi Shewfelt, and Suzi Vander Stoep with Merrilee Kenyon serving as the liaison to Session. The commission meets as needed with updates communicated to commission members.


This year, Kristi Shewfelt faithfully acknowledged all gifts given in honor of loved ones using new fold over note cards – one to be sent to the donor(s) acknowledging their gift and one to the family letting them know that a gift has been received in honor of their loved one. Merrilee Kenyon, in her capacity as WPC Treasurer, gave us useful information about funds available.


Throughout 2014, memorial gifts have been received in honor of Sandy Aggers, Myrtice Dills, Janice Duncan, Marjorie Kaufman, George Mattis, Norma Smith, Margaret Snider, Vivian Stover, Jim Vander Stoep and Marjorie Watilo. WPC is very grateful to thoughtful donors who have honored members of our congregation.


The commission met as a group on June 8 to consider and review projects of interest. Much work of the work of the commission was done before and after the meeting to follow through with decisions made. Changes in WPC administrative personnel and computer system problems necessitated members of the commission taking on responsibilities beyond the charge of the commission such as plaque production and organizing dedications. Despite difficulties, several projects were completed with the approval of Session.


Our year of honoring loved ones began on Sunday, January 19, with 17 WPC’ers at a “Planting Party” to place daffodils in the planters inside the playground and along the front of the church in honor of Micheline Bickford. Some of the bulbs had been dug from Micheline’s garden. By Easter on Sunday, April 20th this year, many of the daffodils were still blooming – a lovely tribute to our Master Gardener Micheline, who for years had provided daffodils for our Easter service.


On Sunday, June 29, a plaque was placed in the WPC Boiler Room dedicating the Boiler Replacement Project in honor of John Prosser. Memorial gifts given in John’s name were used to replace the old boiler – one of the many projects John named a high priority for the church.


Combined memorial funds of $6,200 were used to help offset the cost of the office renovations and sound proofing of the Annex multi-purpose room – projects which were completed in August and September. Plaques for eventual dedication of these projects have been made. Families of those honored have been notified.


A portion of funds given in honor of Jim Vander Stoep (totaling $7,485) were used to purchase Glory to God hymnals (purple in color) for the church. Several gathered on a Sunday after church to place the book plates into the hymnals. On Sunday, October 12, the new hymnals were dedicated with the congregation singing hymn # 8 (Eternal Father, Strong to Save – otherwise known as the Navy Hymn) in honor of Jim. The remaining funds were put towards the renovation of the Annex multi-purpose room.


On October 19, a bookcase made in honor of Myrtice Dills, a long-time WPC member who was actively involved in many aspects of our church, was dedicated. A certificate of appreciation was presented to Hareld Dills during the church service.


Loving Tribute Funds are given as memorials to those who have passed o

on and to honor special times or people in the lives of the WPC family. Loving Tribute Funds help extend the work of the church and complete projects important to the life of our congregation.


We welcome anyone who wishes to participate in this important work of making decisions of how to honor our loved ones.


Jenny Sheldon Kirk




The Mission of the Church Commission (MOCC) has the responsibility of dispersing the portion of the church budget that is set aside for benevolence. We take Westminster’s long time commitment to mission giving very seriously and use the money allotted to support the church’s mission statement of “Glorifying God and Reflecting the Love of Christ to the World.” Since the 1950’s the church had set aside 33% of the budget for mission giving, but in recent years the Session has made the decision to set aside only 25% of the income for benevolence. In 2014 the Session again reduced the percentage so that now Westminster Presbyterian Church dedicates 20% of its income to benevolence. The members of the MOCC sincerely hope that the Session will increase that amount in the 2015 budget.


In 2014 the money allocated for mission giving was divided into three parts: 51% went to local giving, 23% went to regional giving and 26% went to national/international giving. These percentages have changed in the last year in response to the congregation’s wish to see more being given to local missions.


One of the local missions WPC supports every year is Love, In the Name of Christ (Love, INC). Love INC is the local organization that screens requests for help and when appropriate finds money to help local people buy gas to go to doctors’ and work appointments, pay power bills in an emergency and buy work boots and prescriptions, etc. WPC helps to support the Love, INC office, gives money for gas vouchers and at times donates to their benevolence funds.


WPC also supports the following local missions on a regular basis: Safe Family Ministries, the Chehalis Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, and Hope and Health Medical Outreach Program which gives free medical help to struggling families and shares the gospel with their patients.


In addition MOCC helped to support Allison Burchett who was pursuing on her Masters in Divinity at Princeton Seminary. MOCC contributed through the Betty Dickason Memorial Fund to the church’s preschool to help families who were having difficulty paying for the entire tuition amount. MOCC sent donations to help with the long term needs of the victims of the landslide at Oso, Washington, to wheelchairs for Nigeria, and to help the under-privileged in Onalaska, Washington. Finally MOCC helped the WPC preschool purchase some much needed equipment. National and international giving included projects in Malawi, Guatemala, and Brazil as well as projects supported by the Presbyterian Church USA such as flood and hurricane relief.   WPC also supports the four special offerings promoted by PCUSA and the Blanket Offering. Regionally we supported mission projects through the Olympia Presbytery and supported Sound View Camp.


Finally, we acknowledge that money doesn’t solve all problems. One of the recommendations the MOCC makes when considering a new local mission for funding is that members of the congregation also be involved in a “hands on way” with the organization. All of our local mission recipient organizations do have at least one WPC congregant working in the field.   MOCC thanks members and friends of WPC who have given their time and talents to support the Chehalis Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, Love, INC, Safe Family Ministries, Hope and Health Medical Outreach, and Malawi Missions. Finally 5 members of our congregation went to Yarnell, AZ to help clean up after forest fires. The Kirks and Monsons went to the Holy Land on a mission trip. The committee has arranged for and/or given many Minutes for Mission during worship services to help the congregation understand how their giving is helping others.


This year the following people were members of the Mission Commission; Bonnie Blake, Ralph Carr, Melyssa Carter, Hank Kirk, Kay Odegaard, Linda Prosser, Don Wilson and Judy Wilson. The MOCC would like to encourage anyone who has a heart for missions to join us. Ask any member about when and where we meet.


Kay Odegaard


The jobs of the Worship Commission revolve around preparing, leading, helping and discerning improvements to the worship of our church. They help our church community draw closer to God through many different mediums, welcome new people and generations and bring different groups together. They endeavor to make the teachings fit the community and involve many people to communicate our theology while expressing gratitude, joy, grace, peace and love while seeking truth and wisdom to spread out into the world.


The Worship Commission also decorates and places symbols in the sanctuary to enhance worship,  identifies and trains volunteers to assist in the services, provides tools to the  congregation to share the Word and makes sure that that the Sacraments of Baptism and Confession are administered correctly.


Pastor Ed Wegele




On January 21, 2015 Session approved the 2015 operational budget. A Budget Sub-Committee was re-convened in order to look at possible budget scenarios and report back to Session with a budget recommendation for 2015. Members of the Budget Sub-Committee are Pastor Ed Wegele, Mark Giffey (Session), Merrilee Kenyon (Treasurer), Hank Kirk (MOCC), Guy Warren (Personnel), Darrell Palmateer (Worship), and   Greg Lund, (Finance Committee Chair), serving as an ex-officio member. This Budget Sub-Committee met in December and January to review the projected 2015 income and determine if we can achieve the goal of a balanced budget.


First, it is important to recognize what we accomplished in 2014 and where we ended the year financially. The 2014 budget included $324,780 in expected revenue including $45,800 transferred from designated gifts and $333,439 in budgeted expenditures. The 2014 budget was approved by Session with a $8,659 deficit but with faith to gain ground during the year and make up the difference and beyond; unfortunately due to revenue shortfalls we ended the year with a $17,003 deficit.


While we did not meet the goal of balancing our income and expenses for 2014 here are a few highlights of what we did accomplish in 2014:


  • Designated Giving to Mission of the Church Commission, Special Offerings, and Deacons totaled $52,623.
  • WPC Mission Trip to the Holy Land – paid for by Adult Mission Funds and by personal funds of the Missionaries.
  • Youth Mission trip to Spokane – paid for by Youth Mission Funds and by the families.
  • New Hymnals – Paid for in loving memory of Jim Vander Stoep.
  • Our church facilities serve as a platform for WPC’s mission and the following projects were completed using designated monies, not from the church’s general operating fund:
  • Beam Repair in Sanctuary – Capital Improvement Funds $26,259
  • Annex Renovations and A/V Equipment – Capital Improvement, Investment in Youth and Loving Tribute Funds $13,377
  • Office Remodel – Loving Tribute Funds (Memorial Commission) $5,621
  • New computer server – Technology Funds and Capital Improvement Funds $6,291
  • Dish Sanitizer Replacement – Generous Donations & Capital Improvement Funds $7,152
  • After a devastating data crash early in the year, the entire financial system was rebuilt. Reconstruction of the chart of accounts and financial data was a long and difficult process and included some corrections along the way but restoration is now complete. Praise God! With the purchase of a new computer server and a supported computer network, including nightly backups, the church’s electronic data is secure and protected, now and well into the future.
  • 2014 budgeted operating expenditures stayed on track for the year and overall expenditures came in lower than anticipated at $307,928.
  • Budgeted $14,000 from our General Reserve monies was used to relocate Pastor Ed and Nicole Wegele to WPC beginning a new era in ministry!


Now for the 2015 budget:


The total projected budget for 2015 is $260,050 in total income and $311,261 in total expenses. A projected amount of $34,500 can be transferred from designated Investment in Youth funds. This amount is similar to 2014 and serves as a place marker for the CYF Director’s salary, and includes children/youth ministries, as well as paid nursery staff.



There are no changes in existing salaries or positions from last year, however, with the vacancies of the Modern Worship Director and the Children, Youth, and Family Director these are two very important programs that are currently being evaluated and further developed. Where this leads us in 2015 and beyond only God knows but He has a plan! WPC has again been blessed with two, large financial gifts totaling $70,000 for our Children and Youth programs and ministries. We remain headed in a GOOD financial direction for this vital ministry.



Due to current pledges and projected general giving, the percentage allocation for MOCC remains at 20 percent. Session remains in the steadfast goal to increase this percentage but until such time as revenue can sustain a budget back at historic levels, MOCC continues to think outside the box and look to new means to get the most impact for mission giving with the funds available under this current percentage allocation.


Capital Improvement:

Our beautiful, historic sanctuary and facilities come with a price tag. The emergency beam replacement is just one example. While we made substantial progress in 2014 and Capital Improvement monies were put to good use, there is still much to do! But again, God has a plan. A generous gift of $50,000 was received late in 2014 specifically for building improvements. Session and the Building and Grounds Commission will be prioritizing projects (short and long term) and will be generating a Capital Improvement Plan. Stay tuned!

In closing, the 2015 financial plan doesn’t include a balanced budget as hoped for but it is recognized that we are entering into a new and exciting season for WPC.   Together, as a church body, we share a commitment to sustain and build upon our church body now and well into the future.

Merrilee Kenyon, Treasurer & Elder




The following members of Westminster Presbyterian Church have agreed to be nominated for Deacons and Elders, to be ordained/installed in early 2015.


These are three year terms, except where noted below.



Sally Nehring

Laura Hewett

Melyssa Carter

Patricia Patrick



Lee Coumbs

Linda Prosser

Randy Howlett

Jennifer Woodford

Rose Erikson (two year term, as she fills a vacancy created in 2014).


Nominating Committee: Marty Coumbs, Chuck Emerick, Mark Giffey, Jack Nehring,

and Patricia Patrick.


Chuck Emerick









During 2014, the Pastor Nominating Committee at WPC continued the work that was started in the June, 2013.


It was interesting how the Spirit lead out group during the early months of the year. After phone calls and Skype interviews, we thought we had 2 “final” candidates selected in January, neither of whom chose to pursue our position any further. However, in March, we received notice from the national recruiting web site that a candidate from Seminole, Texas had expressed some interest in the position at WPC.


After an exchange of emails, several phone calls, and two or three Skype conversations, we invited the Rev. Ed Wegele to come to Chehalis for a candidate weekend. Ed and Nicole visited us in early June, and the PNC listened to him preach at a neutral site in Olympia. After taking three days to deliberate as individuals, we met and unanimously agreed to offer the pastoral position to Pastor Ed.


He and Nicole returned in early July to meet the congregation and to lead a worship service at WPC. On July 6, 2014, the congregation voted unanimously to offer the position to the Rev. Ed Wegele, with a starting date of September 1, 2014.


It should be noted that our friend Sandi Aggers was one of Pastor Ed’s earliest and strongest supporters. In addition to being a terrific person, she was a pretty good judge of character, too.


The Pastor Nominating Committee has appreciated all of the support, positive thoughts, and prayers that we received throughout the search process.


Members of the Pastor Nominating Committee: Lindsey Giffey, Lauren Palmateer, Don Wilson, Buck Hubbert, Peg Warren, J Vander Stoep, Jennifer Woodford, and Chuck Emerick.


Chuck Emerick




This has been a very busy year for the Personnel Committee of Westminster Presbyterian Church.


First, with blessings for their future, Modern Worship Leader Bryan Veach, Administrator Robin Hall, and Janitor JC Tibbits, left WPC. Later in the year, our interim pastor, Shari Monson, left as our new permanent pastor, Ed Wegele arrived from Texas. Rev. Monson provided evaluations of the current staff before leaving. With input from the congregation, the Personnel Committee provided a review to Rev. Monson.


Later in the year, our Children, Youth, and Family (CYF) Director, Justin McGregory (who was also serving at that time as our Modern Worship Director) announced his intention to leave WPC. The Personnel Committee arranged for an exit interview with Justin so that we can learn from him how we might improve our CYF and Modern Worship offerings. This information is being forwarded onto the appropriate Committees within WPC.


The WPC Treasurer, Merrilee Kenyon, has announced that, due to her regular work commitments, she must resign that position. The Committee has begun the work to seek a replacement.


Other issues include working with other groups both inside and outside the church to improve the office for those who work there.


In the next year the Committee will be working to update the position descriptions for those who work for WPC so as to ensure they properly reflect the work we need done.


In conclusion, the Committee would like to thank the congregation for those who answered the survey we used in evaluating Rev. Monson and for all the support you give to those who work for us. We will likely be seeking information from the congregation again in the future, and we encourage you to respond to these requests. We also encourage you to contact the Committee if you ever have comments (positive or negative) about any of those who serve WPC


Guy Warren




In February 2014 we lost, and the Lord gained, one of Westminster Presbyterian Church’s faithful servants, Myrtice Dills.  She had been, along with husband Hareld Dills, the very capable dine out coordinator for many years.  With Hareld’s prompting, I agreed to take on the job and attempt to fill the shoes of our beloved Myrtice.  All of her supplies were delivered from her car trunk, much to Hareld’s pleasure.  He now has use of the spacious trunk!  The boxes included dine out gifts, gift drawing tickets, gifts bags and a lovely decorated gift ticket drawing boxes. We have since made use of most of these items as we continue to enjoy our time together.


Jim Wahl continues to be our giver of thanks at each dine-out gathering. We try to decide which restaurant to visit before departing each outing.  Our members make great suggestions. Many of our older faithful members have been unable to join in our fellowship, but we continue to provide them rides, and enjoy them any time with them we can.  We also have been joined by many new members which is wonderful.  All are welcome. Age makes no difference so bring your family or friends and join us.


We always enjoyed a summer picnic at the Dill’s home.  This year Walt and I hosted it at our home. Hareld was our chef. Using his own barbeque grill, which he brought from his home.  I could not have done it without his help. And “yes” he cooked his grilled onions, which are enjoyed by many.  There was a large crowd and much delicious food.  We have some very good cooks in this group.  As there was a special ball game on that night……Walt brought out our motor home and turned on its patio television.  This made the men happy as they had great food and their ball game.


We have also been blessed with catered meals by the Coumbs at our fellowship room at the church for Valentine’s and Christmas.  This year knowing of their part retirement, we opted to let them come join with us at a local restaurant and enjoy rather than work. We will miss their wonderful food and marvelous decorations, but will enjoy their added company.


Joanne and Walt Aller




The Elizabeth Currie Circle held two business meetings in 2014. We met at Woodland Estates for lunch and a time of fellowship.


Our service months were April, July and October.


Officers for 214 were:

Moderator                  Suzi Vander Stoep       Secretary                     Norma Zylstra

Treasurer                    Wilma Brown              Caller                          Barbara Hayden-Wahl


We lost two of our treasured members. Marge Watilo and Margaret Snider both passed away.


Our circle served a reception following the following memorial services: Ed Minnick, Margaret Snider and Jim Vander Stoep.


We helped serve the reception following Pastor Ed’s Installation service.


New Officers were elected to serve in 2015:

Co-Moderator             Norma Nelson, Norma Zylstra

Vice Moderator          Judy Wilson                 Secretary                    Shirley Nelson

Treasurer                    Harriet Dwyer             Caller                          Barbara Hayden-Wahl


Our meetings will be held at Woodland Estates on the third Tuesday prior to our service month. We will meet for lunch at 12:30PM.


Norma Zylstra, Secretary




Beginning Balance                                                                                         $210.45


Dues                                                                                                    $135.00

Jim Vander Stoep-Memorial                                                              $200.00

Ed Minnick-Memorial                                                                         $100.00



Malawi Scholarship                                                                            $100.00

Alison Burchett                                                                                   $100.00

United Presbyterian Women                                                              $ 63.00

Luncheon Expenses                                                                             $ 65.12



Ending Balance                                                                                              $317.33


Wilma Brown, Treasurer




Louise Guenthner Circle continued to gather for a luncheon meeting at restaurants in the area, on the second Monday of the month. Members took turns choosing the place, making reservations, and notifying everyone on our roster including friends and those who have moved or become inactive due to other pressing obligations. We are always happy to have them join us when they can and always welcome “drop-ins” who might like to give us a try. We have a printed devotional to take away with us, but spend time becoming better acquainted and taking care of whatever business like planning service months or preparing for special projects.


In 2014, service months were: February, May, August, and November. As hostesses in February, we served lunch to the PW and coordinated the Ice Cream Sundaes following the “Adult and Children’s Talent Show.”   May and August found us with one regular service of providing flowers for the sanctuary to enhance worship, decorating the windows in the fellowship hall, and serving refreshments during fellowship time. A joyful farewell to Rev. Shari Monson was served in the Annex multi-purpose room. Everyone helped make Worship in the Park at Robert Lintott/Alexander Park a huge success.


When Moderator Sandi Aggers had surgery that became more serious, we helped the Deacons with family meals and visiting whenever we could. After Sandi’s passing, we coordinated the reception following Sandi’s Celebration of Life, with the help of many from the congregation and other friends who knew and loved her.


LGC also helped with other receptions when needed and worked on the Annual Bazaar. We enjoyed preparing at work parties during the summer and helped with set-up, pricing, selling, and clean-up on those busy days in October.   Some members participated in the Annual Women’s Retreat on Hood Canal and on “Road Trips” to Hulda Klager’s Lilac Gardens and DeGoede’s Show Garden and Chapel.


November was the final service month for LGC in 2014. There was a good turn-out for the smoked turkey served with delicious sides at the PW Luncheon. It was a busy month with five Sundays including the First Sunday in Advent where we coordinated decorating with Westerians whose service month was December.


Laura Hewett was welcomed as a member of Louise Guenthner Circle, and Sherry Jorgensen became a Friend of the Circle. Heather Carlson is our new Moderator. Thank you Heather.


Beverly Ramsey




Beginning Balance                                                                                         $220.66


Dues                                                                                                    $ 70.00

Interest                                                                                                $ 00.12

$ 70.12


Presbyterian Women Dues                                                                 $ 49.00

Coffee Hour                                                                                        $ 40.08

$ 89.08


Ending Balance                                                                                              $201.65


Janet Bluhm, Treasurer




Men from WPC and other area churches continue to meet at 7:30 AM each Wednesday morning at “The Restaurant” located in the Sunbird complex. We have a private room reserved for us, where 12-15 men meet for breakfast, fellowship, and Bible study. This year we studied our way through the great theological Book of Romans in the New Testament and also the very practical book of Proverbs found in the Old Testament. We usually look at a chapter each week and try to answer these three questions: What does the passage say? What does it mean? And, what does it mean to me, personally? We find it helpful to apply the Scriptures to our daily lives, rather than just reading the passages alone.


The present leader (Hank Kirk) studies the passage ahead of time and then leads into the discussion. Various members share their own observations and insights. Key member Jim Wahl

provides his perspectives with assistance from Halley’s Handbook. We always close in prayer after taking prayer requests and have seen that God hears and answers our petitions.


In addition to our weekly meetings we usually have several special activities. Our traditional Summer Men’s Retreat was held on August 15, at the home of Gwen and Gaylord on Hood Canal. The food was great as usual and included grilled salmon caught by Gaylord himself. The annual SALT Croquet Championship was held with the usual fierce competition. Larry Fay was the 2014 Champion, repeating his stellar performance of 2012. Other recent champs included Gary Odegaard (2011) and Brian Veach (2013). Special guests this year were from Malawi and included Gome Mkandawire (Finance Officer for the University of Livingstonia) and Andrew Nkhoma, son of Mariya and Rev. Matiya Nkhoma.


Other special events included participation in the annual Car Show at SAFE Ministries. Many members of our group share an interest in historic motor vehicles, including Model A Fords, Studebakers, Thunderbirds, and even a Mercedes Benz roadster! Don Moor, Director of SAFE and his staff also hosted a delicious full breakfast for the Men’s Group held at SAFE on September 24th. Don is also a regular and valued member of our SALT group, along with our new Pastor, Rev. Ed Wegele. Finally, thanks to Mike Dwyer for taking some members on a sailing ship adventure in the South Sound around Olympia, WA.


Members of our Men’s group lamented the passing of Doug Crawford, long-time and faithful member of the group for many years. Several of us served as honorary pallbearers at his memorial service held on September 25th.


SALT stands for “Sharing All Life Together”, and a real bond of friendship is often developed between members as we meet regularly, enjoy good fellowship, and study God’s Word together. And, we even have a few openings for new members, so the welcome mat is out for you, sir!


Hank Kirk




This year the Prayer Team reeled under sad events. God promised in all things, good can come, and we are standing on that promise. Don and Judy Wilson and Katherine Gulmert are unable to attend regular meetings. Then our dear prayer member Myrtice Dills went to be with Jesus. The remaining members are hoping others will join us. We pray weekly in the History Room Wednesday at 5:00 P.M. and phone each other often with requests. If you have any prayer requests, please contact Beverly Ramsey 748-8918, Leira Mann 748-1012 or Jean Bluhm 748-4362.


We had a “Hope for the New Year” service last January and are looking forward to a healing service in early January, 2015. We planned and held four Sunday night services at the church. We meet in the Family room and pray before the service. We pray for the prayer list and welcome confidential requests from the “Connection Card” found in the pew racks.


James 5:13-16: Is there any among you suffering? Let him pray. Is any cheerful? Let him sing praise. Is any among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray over him anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord; and the prayer of faith will save the sick man, and the Lord will raise him up and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Therefore confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man has great power in its effects.


Jean Bluhm




The theme for Presbyterian Women in 2014 continuing from 2013 was Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit. These qualities are produced by the action of the Holy Spirit in us. They grow in a person who, by faith, obeys God’s Word through the guidance and power of God’s Spirit. When God the Father purposely spells out nine specific qualities that will come directly from His Holy Spirit, He is letting you know the extreme importance of these nine specific fruits. As they are coming directly from God Himself, every Christian should do the best they can to work with the Holy Spirit to develop and strengthen all of these fruits in their personality. In the scripture passage, the word Spirit is with a capital “S” emphasizing that the fruit comes straight from the Holy Spirit, not from ourselves. How magnificent is God to allow us to share in a part of His divine nature by having the Holy Spirit transmit and impart these nine divine qualities into our soul.


Jesus has told us that He is the vine and we are the branches. The branches draw life from the vine, so should we draw our life directly from Jesus through the Holy Spirit.


The Presbyterian Women’s (PW) purpose is to nurture our faith through prayer and Bible Study; to support the mission of the church worldwide; to work for justice and peace, and to build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the Presbyterian Church USA and witnesses to the promise of God’s Kingdom.


Presbyterian Women (PW) is composed of three circles that have general supervision of four months annually where they:

  • Are responsible for luncheons six of the months. As of 2012 men were encouraged to attend the luncheons also.
  • Bring or organize flowers for the sanctuary all twelve months
  • Serve at fellowship time following the first service all twelve months.
  • Serve at other activities at WPC that come in their service months.


Officers for 2014 were:                                              Committees and Chairmen were:

Moderators                 Beverly Ramsey                      Mission                        Myrtice Dills

Vice- Moderator         Joanne Aller                            Hospitality                   Carol Braun

Secretary                     Judy Wilson                             Church Women           Beverly Ramsey

Treasurer                    Janet Bluhm                              United                    Jean Bluhm

Programs                    Jean Bluhm/Carol Braun        Historian                     Jean Bluhm

At Large                      Jenny Kirk/Doris Tibbits          Enabler/Horizons        Suzi Vander Stoep

Our Circles are Elizabeth Currie Circle, Louise Guenthner Circle, and Westerian Circle.


PW had a difficult year in 2014. We lost several of our dearest members to death or moving. We lost Myrtice Dills, Margaret Snider, Jan Duncan and Sandi Aggers due to death and Elizabeth Duncan, moved to Vancouver, Washington due to health issues. All these women were sorely missed and will continue to be missed from the PW family.


All women are invited to the Horizon’s Bible Study each Thursday, except the first one each month, beginning at 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. The study in 2014-15 is Reconciling Paul, A Contemporary Study of 2 Corinthians by Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty and is lay lead.


Some other events held this year, in an effort to offer a variety of activities that would appeal to more people were: A sign in the Borst Park Christmas Display, Adult and Children’s Talent Show, Church Women United meeting held at St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Chehalis, road trip to Hulda Klager’s Lilac Gardens, work parties to create crafts for the bazaar headed up by Jean Bluhm, “Sew Days”, purchase of Easter lilies and poinsettias to decorate the sanctuary at Easter and Christmas and carnations on Mother’s Day, hosted Presbytery meeting, the Bazaar and Pastor Ed Wegele’s Installation to name just a few.


Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ministry was given special attention by having various items available to give a “head start” to anyone wishing to participate, as well as shoeboxes and wrapping paper, encouraging the entire congregation, and resulted in 100 gifts delivered to the collection station. Mission Chair kept us on track with participation in the Fellowship of the Least Coin, Birthday Offering, Net Workers Mother’s Day Cards sales, and the Thank Offering.


We participated in the three Church Women United meetings, which included Human Rights Celebration in March, May Friendship Day salad luncheon and collection of the Fellowship of the Least Coin, and World Community Day in November. There was also a planning meeting six weeks prior to each gathering. This is a worthwhile organization, and all women are encouraged to join Christian women around the world in being a part of the inspiring programs.


Presbyterian Women worked very hard on fundraising efforts this year. Our annual Harvest Bazaar was held on Friday and Saturday, October 24 and 25. Lunch was served both days. The bazaar included the Country Store, the Undiscovered Treasures sale, and vendor tables. We displayed a banner to promote the Bazaar. Sandwich boards were made to help with the promotion. However the City of Chehalis told us they needed to be removed, that a special permit is needed to put out sandwich board signs. This is on the agenda for 2015! There were raffle tickets on sale for three items. People could place tickets into the container for the prize they wanted. The drawing was on December 4 at the PW meeting.


With some of the money PW earned, we helped replaced the dish-sanitizer. The old sanitizer gave us good service for over 50 years, but it was not repairable. In addition PW purchased rectangular tablecloths that are used for memorial services, potlucks, and Sundays on the serving table. PW is thankful for the support and glad to help the church any time they can.


The 2015 Year Book will be out in January and have a complete listing of information for the year. Some of the best times of friendship and fellowship happen when we work together.


Judy Wilson




Beginning Balance                                                                                         $2400.91


Bazaar                                                                                                 $3712.08

Birthday Offering                                                                              $ 129.00

Contributions                                                                                    $ 200.00

Coffee                                                                                                $   19.00

Louise Guenthner & Elizabeth Currie Dues                                        $ 119.00

Poinsettias                                                                                          $ 187.00

Other Income                                                                                     $ 537.00

Total Money Received                                                                        $4903.08

Total Available                                                                                   $7304.00



Easter Lilies                                                                                         $   89.34

Birthday Offering                                                                                $ 129.00

Coffee                                                                                                 $    43.76

PW Expenses                                                                                       $  75.54

Bookcase Materials                                                                            $ 144.40

Addt’l PW Expenses & Bazaar Expenses                                            $ 333.31

Mother’s Day Carnations                                                                   $ 109.03

Mother’s Day Cards                                                                            $ 216.00

Vacuum                                                                                              $  30.00

Shari Monson Thanks                                                                          $ 100.00

Birdhouse for Bazaar                                                                          $   20.00

Melody Young Thanks                                                                       $   50.00

Pins                                                                                                      $   361.80

Two Lifetime Memberships                                                                $   190.00

Numbers for Banner (bazaar)                                                                      $     12.00

Bungee Cords (hold up banner)                                                         $       9.70

Bazaar Ad in The Chronicle                                                               $     25.00

Centralia Parks for Sign                                                                     $     25.00

Staff Christmas                                                                                   $   220.00

Total Expenses                                                                                               $ 2183.88


Ending Balance                                                                                              $ 5120.12


Savings                                                                                                           $ 1592.24


Janet Bluhm, Treasurer




Westminster Preschool is the longest running preschool in Lewis County offering 2 day, 3 day & 5 day weekend classes. In 2013-2014, we had 20 students enrolled. Some of our highlights were field trips to the Fire Station, Sheriff’s Office, Post Office and Library.


Our Christmas program was a success. We had 150 people attend with 20 students participating. We had a Mother/Grandmother Tea in May and we hope to have a Dad’s and Donuts Day this year. Our graduation program in June brought in close to 200 people.


We continue the tradition where kids are invited into a world of exploration and learning. At Westminster Preschool, it is our hope that every child will grow and be nurtured with joy and gentleness. Our curriculum is rich in readiness activities, play, art, science, music, math, literacy and Christian fundamentals. Kids at our preschool make friends and learn the life-long lessons of manners, creativity and sharing in a Christian atmosphere.


Kelly Wheeler, Director/Teacher




The Son-Shine Dine Out group meets once a month for good fellowship and great food. We usually choose a restaurant close to home in the winter. During better weather we have been known to travel further. Our group is usually small (6-14 people). We are friendly and welcome new members. If you are interested in joining us, watch for information in the church bulletin or talk to one of the coordinators.


Carol Braun, Pat Patrick, Linda Prosser, Coordinators








Beautiful music has always resonated within the walls of Westminster. Whether it is the peal of bells and chimes, the voices of the choir and congregation, or the keyboard creations by the piano and organ, we “make a joyful noise unto the Lord.”


The choir continues to provide vocal leadership and enhances worship services two Sundays during most months of the year. This group is committed to providing meaningful music to help others feel the spirit of the Lord. We have grown in expertise and creativity and eagerly share our vocal gifts. Although we are small in number, we make up for it in enthusiasm and dedication!


Westminster Bells continues to serve the community and the church. In addition to playing for one worship service monthly during the school year, the group also performs in other venues. We had the honor of playing for the memorial service for Jim Vander Stoep in March. In May, we presented “Songs and Sweets”, a fund-raising dessert dash to benefit Safe Family Ministries. October found us performing as the pre-event entertainment for the Lewis County Concerts, and we rang for the worship service at Harrison Square Presbyterian. December took us to Stillwater Estates and we performed with the Centralia College Choir. Our annual Christmas concerts (our 27th) were held the first weekend of December, raising money to help the youth groups of Westminster and Harrison Square.


Although the praise band is not currently playing, it is the hope that it will become an important part of worship in the future.


Carolin Auvil and Jan Snider continue to provide amazing duets, solos and accompaniments. They provide weekly music faithfully and professionally.


Please thank the musicians of Westminster. They are hardworking, dedicated, and fill our souls when words are not enough.


Carol Days




On August 23, 2014 Sarah Knecht and Kenny Riveness, with Pastor Brian North officiating, were wed. Gwen Stidham-North acted as wedding coordinator for this event. Shari Arnstrom is considering the role of Wedding Coordinator.


Melodee Bailey







Twelve members and six friends started our year meeting at Fran Giffey’s lovely home. Our theme for the year is “Joy in Sharing our Gifts from God”. Fran provided all the tea, coffee, nuts and mints. One member brought dessert and one member gave devotions. We have continued this way for several wonderful years. This year was one of sad change. Myrtice, our beloved moderator died. Joanne Aller, co-moderator, filled in and did a great job. Fran Giffey became ill and had to move to an assisted living place. Robin Hall, a very important member, resigned. Vivian Stover, a long-time member died. Connie King, our caller, went into assisted living and resigned.


We also had an additional responsibility of serving four months of the year instead of three since one circle dissolved. We faced the problems of not having Hareld and Myrtice coming early each Sunday to make coffee, set up, provide food, and serve if others couldn’t. We continued to serve despite the age of the members and the fact the dish-sanitizer didn’t work.


The good changes were Janice Bordon joined our group and David and Teri Harlow volunteered to work in the kitchen as Circle Friends. In addition, we met in the fellowship hall. Westerians voted to help pay for the bookcase and plaque dedicated to Myrtice, we also donated $50 to the food bank in her honor. Each month members contribute to a love offering to supplement the dues so we could donate to various causes. We helped with Robin Hall’s retirement celebration to honor her work at the church and in our circle and gave her a gift certificate. We helped with several memorials.


Gwen Jones and Joanne Aller are house mothers at Safe Family Ministries, and they continued reporting news from there. We added reports from the Health and Hope Free clinic. Last year we donated $100 to the following: Food Bank, Helping Hands ministry and Deacons to help with holiday baskets. Helping Hands has since ceased with Susan Olson retired after 38 years. We enjoyed sewing for Helping Hands Ministry at Pastor Joyce’s retirement party.


Joanne Aller, moderator, Jean Bluhm, secretary, Janice Bordon, Kathy Dowd, Fran Giffey, Barb Gilkerson, Gwen Jones, Leira Mann, Pearl Miller, Norma Nelson, Peg Warren, treasurer are members Friends: Millie Lofberg, Robin Hall, David & Teri Harlow.


In conclusion, we are still finding joy is the gifts God has given us.


Jean Bluhm, Secretary




Beginning Balance                                                                                         $155.30


Dues and Offerings                                                                                                    $107.00

Memorial                                                                                                         $200.00




Misc. Reimbursements                                                                               $153.90

Myrtice Memorial Plaque                                                                             $ 57.77

Food Bank/Memorial                                                                                   $ 50.00

PW Dues 2013 $ 2014                                                                                 $154 .00

$ 415.67


Ending Balance                                                                                              $   46.63


Peg Warren, Treasurer