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The Advent Journal activity for days 7, 8, 13, and 14 is to create your own journal entry to add to your book. Start by choosing a passage that is meaningful to you. Read it through at least twice, slowly, savoring the words and reflecting on the thoughts that come to mind.  Next mediate on the portion of the scripture that particularly stands out to you.  Ask God to reveal it’s meaning to you and write something about what resonates in your heart. There is no right or wrong way to approach such a spiritual exercise. As you sense God’s Spirit prompting you, dwell there.

Today, Sunday December 8th, marks the second Sunday of Advent. The theme is God’s love for us. The location in the Christmas story is Bethlehem.

My chosen scripture passage is:

Suggested scripture from today’s sermon “To Bethlehem, no detours” include

  • John 3:16-17
  • John 13:34-35
  • 1 John 4:7-12, 19-21

What I find meaningful about this passage is:


How this applies to my life is:


What I feel called to do in response is:

My prayer of response is: