Advent Daily Devotional Day 2

Through the incarnation,

God elevates low and humble beings

Every human being has a desire to move from one low position to higher one. This is common among employees. For example, a low grade teacher works hard to attain a higher grade that may enable one to become either Head teacher or any other high position. In the defense forces, soldiers are often recruited as privates but later they rejoice if/when they go up the ladder to higher positions. The attainment of higher position in any service is enjoyed by everyone.

The Christmas story brings to the world many lessons among which is the elevation of a young humble woman named Mary. Mathew Henry in his commentary on the Bible observes that Mary lived in Nazareth, a city of Galilee a remote corner of the country. It had no reputation for religion or learning.  It is from such a humble background that Mary was elevated.

Mary’s promotion however is in contrast to what many people would strive for. Human beings strive to   become big through acquiring high positions for fame and popularity. Mary’s elevation however originated from above and revealed the following:-     She was highly favored by God.

She was to be the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord was to be with her.

She was blessed among women.

In the first place Mary did not understand how such great things would come on her. Realizing that the message was not easy to comprehend, she only surrendered herself to God and accepted all that the angel had outlined as is indicated in the 38th verse of Luke Chapter 2. Mary then praised the Lord in the words

Luke 2:46-56.

Human beings must realize that the greatest attainment we should strive for especially during Christmas period is to seek God’s favor and have Jesus born in our hearts. Each Christmas season we should examine ourselves if we have Jesus with us. It is not the amount of goods that we buy or receive during Christmas which matter most. Although Mary lived in poverty and obscurity, she was accorded high favor and by bringing Christ into this world the human race has been redeemed. Whatever background we come from, in Jesus we become great people. Christmas is a time to surrender ourselves to God.

May we open our hearts and allow Jesus to be born in our lives that wherever we are our neighbors, colleagues and friends will feel the love of God.

  • Reflection: Who comes to mind as ‘great people’ in Jesus?
  • What is it about them that make them great?
  • Prayer: take a few minutes to write a prayer inviting Jesus to be born in your life.

Advent devotion by Rev. H. Matiya Nkhoma, Vice Chancellor of the University of Livingstonia in Malawi, Africa, with his wife Mariya they consider WPC their American home church!