Advent Daily Devotional Day 1

Family Time


week one family time image 
Parent: Today is special because it is the beginning of a new season. We call this season “Advent.”

“Advent” is a word that means “to come.” It is a time when we get ready, preparing ourselves for the coming of the Christ Child.  We should get our hearts ready by thinking about Him.  What we are doing right now around our Advent wreath is a way of preparing for Christmas. What are some other things that we might do to get ready?  (Discuss ways your family will prepare your hearts and home for Christ’s birth.) 

Young Reader: In the Old Testament, the prophets told of the coming of the Messiah.  (Read Isaiah 9:2, 6)

Parent: (Point to first candle) This candle on the first Sunday in Advent reminds us that we must prepare our hearts for the coming of the Christ Child.  This candle is symbolic of the long years of waiting and hoping. The prophets, inspired by God, kept reminding the people to look forward to the coming of Messiah, the Son of God, who was to redeem the people from their sins.

Young reader:  The Bible tells us more about waiting and hoping. (Read Psalm 71:5)

First Reader:  We want to be ready to receive this gift, just as the humble stable and the animals are ready and waiting. (Add the animals to your Nativity scene.)

Sing: “Oh, Come let Us Adore Him.”

Parent: Let us pray.  God, we thank you for this Advent Season and the time to think about the gift of your Son to us.  We hope and pray for your spirit to be with us in the coming weeks as we get ready for Christmas.  We ask for your help as we make room for Jesus in our hearts and in our home.  Amen.

Young Reader:  We wait with eager hearts for the coming of Christ, a life so special it can change the lives of everyone on earth.
Thought for the week: (Isaiah 40:3) Focus on what Christmas is like through the eyes of a child.  The anticipation and excitement of gifts drive children crazy, just like a child at Christmas time, are you as excited about Jesus Christ?

Family activity: Discuss what is your favorite thing about Christmas?