September 12, 2021

Sep 15, 2021

Sunday Message Recap

September 12, 2021

“Will You Be My Neighbor?”

Matthew 5:1-9

Jesus provides some clues to his followers on who is our neighbor. The beatitudes, or blessings, to bring to our attention another way Jesus asks us to invite others into life in God.

  • There are the poor in spirit, people who have reached those low points in their life where they wonder what tomorrow will bring, if they still have a purpose in life, if people still care about them.
  • There are those who mourn, who have lost someone they deeply loved, or have lost a career or vocation that defined who they were and still want to be. We all mourn in life for many reasons, and rarely do we desire to mourn alone.
  • There are the meek or gentle who are rarely listened to, whose voices are beyond the margins of society and cannot be heard.
  • And of course there are those who hunger and thirst for God. They are especially of our greatest concern. Because at the heart of Christ’s mission is for every person to be seen and welcomed as a child of God, and invited into Christ’s saving grace.


You see, our neighbors are more than just those who live close to us or who run in our own circles. As life changes, so do our neighbors. Are we willing to learn new ways of being the church? Are we willing to reach out to more people who we may never meet here in the sanctuary, yet who desire to know God, to be cared for as Christ cares for us, and to live a Beloved life with the Spirit’s help? Just as Jesus did, we seek out our neighbors—we don’t just wait for them to walk thru our doors—because we are blessed, and we are called to be a blessing to the world, no matter how close or how far. God’s children are waiting for us to ask “will you be my neighbor?”