May 28 – June 3, 2017

So much is happening at WPC – Our May/June calendar of Events

May 29 – 2:00 pm – Westminster Bells – Veterans Memorial Museum – in Chehalis

9:00 AM Children’s Choir Practice, Connect Groups
10:00 AM  Sunday Service

Tues – 7:00 – 8:30 Bell Choir Practice

Weds – 7:30 –8:30 Men’s Salt (Bible Study) Group

Weds – 10:30 – 11:30 Pray Group (Giffey Room)

Weds – 6:30 – 7:30 Choir Practice

Thurs – 10:30 – 11:-00 Women’s Bible Study (Giffey Room)

Thurs – Emerge Youth Group 5:30 – 7:00 pm

June 3 – Celebration of Life service for Roy Stonecypher June 3rd at NOON in the Sanctuary

June 3 – Celebration of Life service for Nancy Emerick’s mother “Vi McGregor” at 3 pm in church sanctuary

June 4 – Joint worship service @ Harrison Square Church 10 am

June 9 – Blood Drive 1 pm – 6 pm Contact the Warrens for information

June 10 – Boom Shaka! 2 pm – End of School Celebration

June 11 – Pentecost Offering


  • Prayer for John Cryder & family, John is now in hospice care. Linda Prosser is traveling to be with him.
  • Celebration of Life service for Nancy Emerick’s mother “Vi McGregor” on June 3rd at 3 pm in church sanctuary.
  • Greg and Denise Lund ask for prayers for Louise Lund for ongoing health issues.
  • Dick Wheeler to have back surgery soon. Pray for good results and healing.
  • Prayers for the Hensley family as they go through difficult times.
  • Celebration of Life service for Roy Stonecypher June 3rd at NOON in the Sanctuary
  • Tony Reynolds asking for prayer for sister Roxanne’s health issues.
  • Kathy Dowd is dealing with health issues.
  • Buck Hubbert as he continues to heal at home.
  • Barbara Wahl as she continues to recover at home.
  • Prayer for Mary starting new chemo and dealing from being sick from it.
  • Nauna Mattis is home & recovering from surgery. Will be moving to Yakima soon & could use some help with packing.

 Continued Prayers: Buck Hubbert, Virgil & Janet Bluhm, Sally Nehring, Barbara Wahl, Wilma Brown, Nathan Hensley, Kathy Dowd, Gordon Shewfelt, Herb McDougall, Doris Crawford, Nels Hadden, Meri Bretthauer, Lois Coplan, Millie Lofberg, Nancy Rockwell, Jeff Smith, Clint Lemmon, Elizabeth Duncan, Nauna Mattis, Ashley Farr, and Peg Warren.  –please send updates to the office.


You may have noticed the stained glassthat were removed from our sanctuary. They have been shipped to a stained glass window company where they will betaken apart, each piece of glass cleaned and refurbished, then put into a new frame and completely stabilized. Finally, theybe shipped home and set back in place. The project is estimated to take around five months.  Money for this project and the windows are provided by the Capital    Improvements fund.  To give, please write check out to WPC & in the memo please write: Capital  Improvement Fund.   Thank you for your continued support, patience and donations!

MEN’S SALT GROUP – Wednesdays, 7:30 AM @ Chehalis Denny’s. The men are currently studying the Book of Daniel. Please come and join in on the great discussion!

Connect Groups – Summer Break.  See You In the Fall!

May birthdays...

1 Joe Greenwood; 4 Anna Alexander; 5 Nathaniel Hensley;  6 Kelly Wheeler; 11 Wilma Schieffer; 13 Millie Lofberg;           14 Doris Tibbits; 16 Holly Kaplan, Linda Prosser; 17 Greg Garman; 20 J Vander Stoep;  21 Jan Leventon; 22 Shari Christensen, Larry Smathers; 24 Ann Vander Stoep, Lucy Wilson;        25 Lindsey Giffey, Donald Wilson;  29 Nauna Mattis

& May Anniversaries

13 Mike & Harriet Dwyer, 14 Stan & Lee Giske,

15 Terry & Teresa Brunstad, 16 Jay & Robin Hall,

21 Tony & Karn Reynolds

 Join us on June 4th for a joint worship service at Harrison Square Church Service time is 10 am

Borst Pioneer Church:

A community group of people is working on a project to build an historical model of a church at Borst Park close to the Borst House and Borst School.  MOCC thought this was a good community project for WPC to support and donated $25 and our name as a community sponsor. If you would like to support the building of an historical model church, please contact Jean Bluhm.


VBS Registration is now open, please pick up a registration form from the fellowship hall or the church office.  Cost for VBS is $10/child or 3 or more children total $25.00 (covers for snack each day and t-shirt) 

* Financial assistance is available for those who may need help.

Blood Drive  June 9th – 1 pm – 6 pm

Call the Warrens to volunteer or to get an appointment to give blood