My husband (John) and I have three awesome sons.  Our youngest son and daughter-in-law recently blessed us with our first grandchild.  A Granddaughter named Kensley.  We had given up our hope of ever being Grandparents to a beautiful child since we weren’t getting any younger and this is why Elizabeth’s story relates to me so well.

Read Luke 1:13-15

Elizabeth was older in her life when God blessed her with a son named John.   I had waited for years to be a Grandma much like Elizabeth had waited and prayed to be a mother. In March this year, Kensley came into our lives, but arriving two-months early and weighing only 2 pounds 12 ounces. My prayers had been answered by God.

As you can imagine, I was forever grateful to God and so excited to be a Grandma. But as John and I knew the chances of Kensley staying alive were very slight and would only be by God’s power and grace.  Our hope was that our relentless prayers would also keep Kensley safe and alive.  We prayed that God would hear our prayers and that by His comforting and powerful hands he would keep this tiny, tiny baby alive.

Today, I am happy to say that Kensley is a strong and beautiful seventeen pounds and twenty-six inch long beautiful child.  God has watched over her and protected her from the consequences of being a tiny and fragile living child to a child who is does remarkable things for her age and size, but also delights us every day in every way. In my mind she will no doubt be great in the sight of the Lord.  But to us, her Grandparents, she is just an Angel from God – given by God.

Reflection: What are you especially thankful for this year personally and as a family?   What are you most thankful for as a member of Westminster or your own home church fellowship?

Prayer: Thank you Lord for family and friends and all you give us. May we feel the anticipation of this special time of year and the birth of your Son brighten and touch our hearts this Advent season.  Amen.

Written by Sandi Aggers, member of WPC and Chair of the Advent Planning Team. Sandi is active in worship leadership, serves on the Pastor Nominating Committee, is a Deacon, and is also active in Presbyterian Women.