Second Week of Advent ideas for family fun 

Parent: This is the second Sunday in Advent. Do you remember why we are taking time to be together in this circle around our Advent wreath? (Allow time for responses)  (Point to first candle) Last Sunday the first candle reminded us that Advent is a time of preparation and hope. During these days we are getting our hearts ready for the coming of the Christ Child.

Youth Reader: This Sunday we are remembering that Jesus came to earth to tell us of God’s love.  But when angels appeared to the people to tell them the news, they were afraid.  God was asking an awful lot of them.  They needed great faith to trust that God would keep his promises.

Parent:  Luke 1:26-33  The Bible tells us about a very difficult journey of faith.  (Read Luke 2:1-7)  Mary and Joseph traveled a long way on a dusty road to Bethlehem to pay their taxes.  It was a difficult trip for Mary since she was about to have a baby.  Do you remember a time when you were tired and had to wait for something? (Allow time for responses)

Young Reader:  When Mary and Joseph got the Bethlehem, there was no place for them to stay but an innkeeper let them have his barn.  (Add Mary and Joseph to your Nativity scene)

Parent: (Point to second candle.) On this second Sunday in Advent, the second purple candle reminds us to stay strong and be faithful as we wait for Jesus to come to earth and show us the meaning of God’s love.

Sing: “Away in a Manger”

Parent:  Let us pray.  God, we remember your greatest gift at Christmas time.  We think of how Jesus was born in a stable and how special this time is for all of us.  We pray that our faith can be strong so that we can wait and be ready for Christ to come.  Mary knew that she was going to have a very special baby.  Even in her fear, she was thankful that she was going to be the mother of this wonderful child.  She kept her faith.

Thought for the week:  (John 3:16) Without the birth of Jesus Christ how would you know what true love was all about?  This week focus on loving your neighbor as yourself, what does that look like for your family?